4. Optimizing Vagus Function to Promote Healingwith Alex Howard


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What you'll learn from this expert talk:

  • Impact of chronic vs. acute stress on your body and mind
  • Cell danger response and polyvagal theory
  • Improve vagal tone and reset the nervous system

Guest Expert

Alex Howard

Alex Howard is founder and CEO of The Optimum Health Clinic (OHC), one of the world’s leading integrative medicine clinics specializing in fatigue and its related conditions. OHC’s team of 20 full-time practitioners has worked with thousands of patients in 40+ countries, and a randomized controlled trial on it’s groundbreaking approach to treating fatigue is currently underway.

He is also host of the Fatigue Super Conference, creator of the 12-week RESET Program and creator of the Therapeutic Coaching methodology. His first book, WHY ME?, was published in 2003, and his theoretical papers appear in journals such as British Medical Journal Open and Psychology and Health.

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